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Current Server Settings
« on: April 13, 2016, 07:54:43 PM »
This server is not default. The following settings have been adjusted:
Shops & Markets:
  • Emphasis is upon player-to-player trades.
  • NPC Shop get -zero- start or recharge credits
  • Shop buy/sell limits: upper@1,000, lower@1,000 (trade in player-run shops for better prices)
  • Station cost: 500,000
  • 0% chance for shops to spawn in an asteroid field (there are ~300 existing NPC shops in the universe, no new ones are being added)
  • Dynamic shop pricing: disabled
  • Following items are VERY expensive through NPC shops: warhead, shield, cloak, stop effect, and transporter modules. Please manufacture, or trade with fellow pilots for better prices.

  • Custom Pirates
  • NPC Spawn Rate: 150
  • No PVP/PVE in spawn or one surrounding sector out
  • AI aiming accuracy: 99% @ 12km
  • Projectile Velocity: increased
  • Beam Weapon Range: 2km
  • Missile friendly fire: off
  • Pirate AI may NOT use uploaded blueprints by default.
  • Fleets: faction ships only

  • Maximum fleets per system: 10
  • Minimum defense/attack ships (if existing in the fleet type), to send on a trading mission: 3

Planets & Asteroids:
  • Asteroid sector replenish time: 12 hours
  • Chances of special regions on planet plates: 1 for every 60
  • Planet Sizes: mean@500, deviation@200
  • Asteroid Radius Max: BIG

Mining Bonuses:
  • 96x for a faction's system
  • 18x for other factions
  • 9x for unowned

Faction Points:
  • Homebase: yes
  • Gained per member: 0
  • Gained per online member: 3
  • Gained per controlled system: 10
  • Lost on death: 10 (2x multiplier on multiple members)
  • Lost on homebase distance: 1/sector (0.5x multiplier)
  • Lost for hourly baseline cost: 10

Starting Gear:
  • Hand Tools: Flashlight, Laser, Heal, Power Supply & Marker
  • Helmet: 1
  • Logbook: 1
  • Power Modules: 100
  • Thruster Modules: 100
  • Build Inhibiter: 1
  • Shop Modules: 2
  • Faction Modules: 5
  • Ship Blueprint (pre-filled): HRMT Starter Scrapper RDX

This server was originally established with what I and another admin thought was a good starting point. From that point forward, an admin's role changed: admins no longer dictate a server configuration, they shall apply and enforce the discussed and voted/agreed-upon wishes of an overall pilot population1. When settings are changed, and tracked here, look for clickable links to the relevant forum thread.

If you'd like a setting changed, please discuss (and VOTE!) in the Features & Settings board. Some discussions are already underway. Discussions/proposals undertaken only via in-game chat will not be applied: the forums exist to enable an opportunity for fair and equal participation by all pilots.

1Admins reserve the right to veto a change, if they believe such a change would significantly harm server performance, reliability, have other widespread negative effects for the overall player population, or deviate the server too far from its intended uses. Any vetos will be disclosed, and are intended only to facilitate continued discussion. We may also include other config adjustments alongside pilot-approved adjustments, only if they're disclosed beforehand, are an uncontested adjustment, and are convenient/prudent to implement simultaneously. Admins may also implement various supporting framework configuration adjustments whenever a new feature goes live, however adjustments will be disclosed, and adjustments will remain open to discussion for continuance and/or further revisions.
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