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Title: Current Server Settings
Post by: ErthParadine on April 13, 2016, 07:54:43 PM
This server is not default. The following settings have been adjusted:
Shops & Markets (http://

PVP & PVE (http://):

NPC (http://NPC):

Planets & Asteroids (http://):

Mining Bonuses (

Faction Points (

Starting Gear:

This server was originally established with what I and another admin thought was a good starting point. From that point forward, an admin's role changed: admins no longer dictate a server configuration, they shall apply and enforce the discussed and voted/agreed-upon wishes of an overall pilot population1. When settings are changed, and tracked here, look for clickable links to the relevant forum thread.

If you'd like a setting changed, please discuss (and VOTE!) in the Features & Settings board. Some discussions are already underway. Discussions/proposals undertaken only via in-game chat will not be applied: the forums exist to enable an opportunity for fair and equal participation by all pilots.

1Admins reserve the right to veto a change, if they believe such a change would significantly harm server performance, reliability, have other widespread negative effects for the overall player population, or deviate the server too far from its intended uses ( Any vetos will be disclosed, and are intended only to facilitate continued discussion. We may also include other config adjustments alongside pilot-approved adjustments, only if they're disclosed beforehand, are an uncontested adjustment, and are convenient/prudent to implement simultaneously. Admins may also implement various supporting framework configuration adjustments whenever a new feature goes live, however adjustments will be disclosed, and adjustments will remain open to discussion for continuance and/or further revisions.