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Server Charter
« on: April 21, 2016, 02:26:36 PM »
    Welcome to StarBits fellow Pilot,

    This universe is brought to you by TOCICI's BuildYourVPS platform. We've provided IT support since 1995, general web hosting since 2005, and hosting of Minecraft and other sandbox games since 2012. We are providing this server with best-effort administration for assisting pilots when the need arises, to answer questions, help understanding the game, and providing advice and help with in-game issues. We also work cooperatively with Schine on reporting and tracking various bugs.

    Our player-base is multi-national, and we encourage all major roles: pirates, traders, explorers, builders, artists, and miners. Ongoing server configuration adjustments are significantly influenced and controlled by the pilot community, with the underlying goal being to balance our core emphasis upon creative building in a persistent survival universe supported by a player-run economy.

    The community leader and primary admin is ErthParadine.

    Fly Safe,
    - Erth Paradine

    Our server is sponsored, and we do not seek funds to keep services online. In lieu of donations, we ask that you spread the word about our server, participate in the forums, and just have fun flying in our unique universe. While donations are NOT expected nor required, anything sent to the following bitcoin address will be used to better our universe: 15tX3Vp2aeJz42SgxUL3ZfoSoZ4cqudpeV.

    • ErthParadine
    • BlatStar

    ErthParadine can sometimes be found online as either ErthFire or ErthWind (often without admin privileges), testing or evaluating various in-game mechanics, collecting/creating debugging info to assist Schine, etc. In emergencies, please feel free to reach out, but an immediate response is not forthcoming please don't take it personally.

    As a creative adventurer, BlatStar helped with the universe's original design, charter, and spawn construction. This beloved pilot, once satisfied of their contribution, turned-ship and set out for the stars. A return is welcome, and expected, soon.

    Contact us by posting in the forums's Support board, via the in-game "Admin Support" channel, or PM an admin when in-game.

    We offer:
    • Automated daily restart at 12:20 and 20:20 UTC.
    • Automated backups at every restart.
    • Automated crash & deadlock detection, and repair.
    • Voting rewards of 25 Mil/day (with randomized chance of rewards up to 500Mil)
    • Protected Spawn sector, and one sector out.
    • Protected player-controlled sectors (for non PVP pilots only: contact an admin to arrange)
    • PVP, PVE, RP, and creative works are all permitted and encouraged, for specific questions, please see our rules.

    Server Settings
    If there's a setting you want changed, please do NOT appeal to an admin. Post your desires in the forums, get fellow pilot approval, and win the popular vote. Admins do not dictate a server configuration, and are instead trusted to apply/enforce discussed and voted/agreed-upon wishes of our overall pilot population.

    For additional details, including specific information on current settings, please see the relevant forum posting.

    Our rules can be found on the rules page.

    Pilot Communications
    We have a website, online forums, voice chat, and multiple dedicated in-game chat channels. More details in the relevant forum posting. While other languages are not prohibited, Admins do not have infinite language capabilities: you are expected to adequately understand the english language sufficiently enough to understand our rules and communicate with Admins.

    All Admin references to specific days/times, both in-game and forums, are based upon the modern version of UTC time.

    Voting Guidelines:
    • You need to be online for an uninterrupted duration of at least 5 minutes after voting.
    • Usernames are case-sensitive.
    • You must vote with your in-game-name (IGN), not via Steam (we have no way to link your Steam name with your IGN).
    • A previous day's vote cannot be applied to a following day (the site doesn't allow us to, sorry).
    • Vote on our page

    Schine & StarBits Affiliation:
    StarBits is not affiliated with Schine.

    If you have a problem with in-game experiences on our server, please check our Support Board for a possible solution, and also consider posting a description of your issue(s) if you don't see a solution. If your problem is not specific to our server, then please contact support via Schine's official website:
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