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Server & Forum Rules
« on: April 11, 2016, 10:57:56 PM »
The rules are simple
  • Respect Others
  • Be Civil
  • Don't Cheat

What do these rules mean to you?

If you ask in General chat, most veteran pliots will tell you about our guiding rule: "If it crashes or lags the server, it's not allowed." As for the finer details, please see below.

Respect Others
Do not abuse, harass, undermine or threaten others. This includes, but is not limited to:
  • Obstructing an Admin from doing their job.
  • Failing to immediately answer questions from, or follow the instructions of, an Admin.
  • Implying Admin favoritism, or otherwise eroding trust in the impartiality of Admins.
  • Contacting an Admin with false information in an attempt to gain from it or have someone else suffer from it.
  • Impersonating or falsely presenting yourself as a representative of Schine, a server admin or mod, another pilot, group of pilots, or an NPC entity.
  • Excessive communications with either another Pilot or an Admin, this includes repeated initiation of harassing or duplicate communications.
  • Organizing, advocating, joining or otherwise supporting any anti-ethnic, anti-gay, anti-religious, racist, sexist or other hate-mongering philosophies.

Do not spam. This includes, but is not limited to:
  • Filling chat with pointless, non-constructive, or repeated messages.
  • Announcing a shop, station, or anything else, more than once per hour.
  • Excessive and/or unnecessary relogging/reconnecting.

Do not grief. This includes but is not limited to:
  • Repeated unprovoked bullying or targeting of specific individuals or groups, over a period of time, for minimal material gain.
  • Personal attacks that use abusive, profane, vulgar or indecent language.
  • Shooting and/or ramming another pilot in protected sectors, so that sounds and visual effects become disruptive, and therefore diminish another pilot's enjoyment of the game.
  • Building, flying or docking any large (lag-prone) structures within spawn's sector.
  • Anything that diminishes enjoyment of the game by most/all pilots outside an offending sector.
  • Repeatedly doing anything that causes whole-server lag or other wide-spread disruptions to game enjoyment.
  • Some ships/station designs don't function well on any popular public server, typically due to grossly excessive over-engineering (e.g. ~50+ turrets). Repeated attempts to build/spawn such entities is griefing, period. You are responsible for testing, please see details elsewhere regarding our public staging/testing server (if you can't find these details, you have no business using such complicated entities). Any such removed ships are ineligible for refunds/credits.

Our no griefing rule means there is no fixed limit on build sizes. Although if your build renders griefing related effects, that's a problem.

Admins are not babysitters. If you fail to use in-game mechanics designed to protect your work (e.g. docking, faction blocks, homebase, doors, logic locks, etc), then you have in-effect eliminated any claim to whatever you might have lost. Ignorance of such game mechanics is not an excuse: you're on the internet, learn to use Google.

The following pirate-like behaviors are OK, and Admins will not consider these to be griefing:
  • Joining a faction (either alone, or within a team-up), and then helping yourselves to whatever is available, in excess (e.g. leaving the faction in ruins).
  • Spawn and station camping (harden your undeathinators & homebases!)
  • Taking unprotected (neutral/unfactioned) ships/stations. Destruction of faction modules is OK: important items should be docked to a shop or your faction's homebase.

Be Civil & Communal
Being Civil Means:
  • Working in accordance with our rules herein, and the server charter.
  • YELLING: Since the dawn of the internet, capitalizing all words has been construed as YELLING. We're not going to yell at you, and we expect the same consideration in return.
  • Please be conservative with strong language; this public, G-Rated server, has a mixed audience containing pre-teens to grandparents. The occasional slips will be tolerated, but many pilots simply do not want to see/hear it in general chat: please be considerate.
  • Hateful or discriminatory remarks based upon; race, color, sex, creed, nationality, or sexual orientation are not OK. Just. No. In the event of a disputed word/phrase, wikipedia shall be the only reputable source that Admins consider. If wikipedia lacks an adequate clarification, then the pilot population shall decide by forum discussion/vote.

Being Communal, Means:
  • Most server decisions, including changes to rules, configuration, etc. are determined by pilot consensus and/or public vote, not by Admins. This means In-Game or Voice chat are not appropriate venues to dispute server rules, or discuss server configuration settings. To enable participation by all pilots, both online and offline, please contribute to an existing relevant forum thread, or start a new thread.
  • Role-playing is encouraged, but not at the expense of other player, nor is "role-playing" an acceptable defense for anti-social behavior. You may not use "role-playing" as an excuse to violate our rules.

Don't Cheat
  • Hacks, builds, or other effects resulting in crashes, disconnects and/or lag for pilots outside an offending sector are not OK.
  • Admins will not spawn things for you, and it is inappropriate to ask.

Block & Entity Limits
  • If it crashes the server, it's too big.
  • Ships commonly known as doom cubes, death cubes, or bricknaughts are banned. Attempts to build, spawn, or otherwise construct such entities can result in an immediate bans/deletions without warning; dependent upon how its affecting the server.
  • While we try to work with offending pilots, when necessary Admins reserve the right to delete offending entities without warming or compensation. If your new ship/station has never been tested elsewhere, and/or has caused issues elsewhere, please work with an admin for access to our staging server to conduct testing.

Planet Destruction & Mining:
Out of consideration for all pilots, if you want to mine a planet and doing so causes any lag, you MUST pop the core. You are also not permitted to mine more than one planet and/or its segments, at a time.

Upon destruction of a planet core, you MUST completely mine all segments within 72 hours, and before mining another planet. Doing otherwise simply litters the map, confuses players, and causes server-wide lag.

Complete means complete: all segments must be gone.

Destruction of planet cores for any other reasons is not permitted.

Spawn Parking:
Unless pre-arranged otherwise, you may park at spawn for no longer than 24 hours. After that, ships are fed to pirates whenever an admin gets around to forcefully undocking them. Undocked and unpiloted ships around spawn are subject to immediate impound.

Parked too long at spawn? Pirate feeding grounds are at 5 5 5, good luck.

Admins are not god, we're just fellow pilots with a few responsibilities that we'd rather not have, but can't hand out to just anyone.
  • Admins are here to play the game. If you interrupt our game, it'd better be for a good reason.
  • Admins will not help, nor hinder, pirates: it's an important game mechanic.
  • Admins are online to help with serious game bugs, server/backend support needs, to deal with rule-breakers, and to stand-in as mediators when necessary.
  • Please do not ask admins to spawn in ships, stations, or other items. Instead, look towards your fellow pilots for what you seek: they're a crafty bunch.
  • If accused of wrongdoing, Admins will use and disclose all information necessary to defend against false assertions. For example.

When asking an Admin for assistance, please remember that we're investing time into helping you with your (usually) unique issue. Having the following information ready, will help Admins better assist you:
  • Concise description of your goal(s).
  • Concise description of your concern(s).
  • Specific dates/times, and locations, as relevant to your specific topic
  • If it's a bug, include log entries, screenshots, and when possible, specific steps to consistently replicate.

Consequences & Reporting:
You are ultimately responsible for what happens on your account. If you come across someone breaking the rules, or otherwise conducting themselves in a negative fashion, please notify an admin by email if you cannot reach them via chat.

If you (or an entity you create) breaks the rules, warnings/responses may include, but are not limited to:
  • Impounding
  • Public Announcements
  • PMs
  • Kicks, bans, AI disable, etc.
  • Deletion of offending entities.

If you've found yourself in a potentially dangerous, harmful or sticky situation that could go bad very easily, it is always best to step back and examine your actions. Violators will typically receive at least one warning, although it is at each admin's discretion how much they're willing to put up with.

When possible, offending entities will be moved to an "impound sector" where you will be asked to dismantle the offending entity before being teleported out of the sector. Entities are not permitted to enter/exit this sector. A well stocked shop is available in impound. Abandoned ships are fed to pirates.

In pursuit of server stability/availability, cures to lag related issues may receive no warnings: to determine if there's a correlation between your actions and server performance, we recommend monitoring the General chat channel, and using the [TAB] key. Ignorance of your action's affects is not an excuse for others to endure the consequences.

Admins are responsible for documenting bans. At no time will any ban be lifted by another admin, until you've petitioned for ban removal by contacting an admin via forums private messaging, or by starting a public forum thread in our Support Board.

While efforts are made to involve the entire community, rules may be revised at any time, without prior notice. It is your responsibility to periodically review our rules and ensure your own compliance.

Child Safe Online
If you are below the age of majority, then your use of our services indicates parental consent, supervision, and responsibility.
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